About Me

I am a Boise, Idaho based photographer, creating images in the beautiful countryside in addition to special events, family and personal portraits.

I'm an Idaho native raised in Moscow and a graduate of the University of Idaho. After college I lived in Oregon and Washington for more than 30 years to develop a careers in newspaper advertising and publishing, then as marketing director for an event production company. In 2019 I was able to live in Spain for a year and travel throughout Europe. Now I've relocated in Idaho to re-connect with family and friends in addition to developing my photography interest.

My first very first camera was a Kodak 110 Instamatic. Oh, the '70's. In high school the photographic fire flared and I bought my own Canon AE-1. It was a huge investment for a high school guy with not a lot of money, but I loved that camera. Into college, it delivered the goods, but my attention was pulled to other endeavors. After college, my focus turned to my career and new marriage.  When kids came along I wasn't shooting much except snapshots, and I sold the Canon (for nearly what I paid for it) and settled for the convenience and simplicity of point-and-shoots.

Now life has slowed a little and I'm working to develop this interest and grow a hobby into something larger. I would love for photography to take me around the world. I'm proud to have traveled to eight countries and three continents, and my computer hard drive is overflowing with images.

My goal is to deliver excellent images, sharply focused and well executed, that delivers on the scene's creative idea. Portraits, landscapes and still lifes are all "in my wheel-house".

This website is it's own work in progress, and changes frequently, so check back often. If there is an image you'd like more information on, let me know. All images available for license or prints.

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