Caldwell Night Rodeo

Took a small trip west of Boise to experience the Caldwell Night Rodeo. While I’m not much of a rodeo fan, it was a fun and interesting night spent with good friends, good food and Coors Light. The rodeo was action-packed and although we were up in the bleachers, the small venue kept us close to the action. Am I a convert? Probably not. But it is good to step out of the box from time to time. 

Netarts, Oregon

July is a typical time for our family to gather and renew connections that get strained by distance, and in 2020 Covid-19. We enjoyed walks on the beach, catching crab and talking. I hit the beach for some photo time.

Idaho State Penitentiary

On a Thursday afternoon we visited the Old Idaho State Penitentiary as a “something to do.” The site is old and imagining that it held prisoners until the 1970’s was startling. My feelings here were much the same as visiting Alcatraz in California. Imagining the violence that occurred within the walls, and the violence that led to the prisoners being here, seemed palpable and heavy.  Visually, I found the plumbing fixtures the most interesting, as most of the buildings are non-descript limestone. The drinking fountains, uncomfortably reminded me of the ones on my elementary school’s playground. 

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